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Lyra Contortion Faye Valentine
At A Glance

Acrobatica Infiniti is the first of its kind, a completely unique performance where two exuberant arts - cosplay and circus – merge to create an unforgettable show. Otherwise known as the “Nerd Circus”, this variety-style performance brings together diverse audiences to witness their favorite fictional characters come to life on stage and perform extraordinary acts.

Featuring an all-star cast of performance artists, including contortionists, trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers and more. From Comic Conventions to small theaters, over the last year Acrobatica Infiniti has performed in front of packed audiences and showcased extraordinary abilities.


Imagine if you will, a world where circus meets fandom; Cosplay meets acrobatics; and world-class performing artists bring to life your wildest fantasies. At AI Circus, entertainment and fantasy collide in mid-air. 


Yet our superheros are nothing without our SUPERfans. Our community is equal parts performers, as it is fans. Let your ulterior identities and inner geeks come to life and while our audience lives vicariously through our characters. 


Visit the PERFORMERS page for more information on who we are and what we do.


Our past clients

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What Can You Expect

It’s comedy. It’s spectacle. It’s fandom in the extreme. We’ve let our inner geek and nerd personas wild so you don’t have to (although we won’t turn you away if you show up in costume… in fact we might applaud it).  With award-winning circus stars from around the world, Acrobatica Infiniti performers bring the impossible stunts of fire eating, acrobatics, trapeze, body contortion, juggling, and so much more all while dressed in costume and spirit.


Wonder Woman dazzles the audience as she flips through the air, the Green Lantern hula hoops ten rings at a time, and the sassy Deadpool defies gravity in a multitude of stunts. The Nerd Circus exudes the feelings of nostalgia and excitement while witnessing beloved comic book and television characters perform on stage.


With the pairing of fun and catchy songs to each performance, the audience experiences a hilarious, astounding, and overall entertaining event they’ll talk about for days on end. With each show customizable to the audience, an array of characters and costumes to choose from, this ever-changing spectacle is nothing short of spectacular.


We have the benefit of a rotating cast, with each member bringing their own flavor and style that has the opportunity to showcase a multitude of characters. Embracing the concept of a fully mobile experience, Acrobatica Infiniti is capable of bringing our show to any location and can be catered to most venues.  You may find us gallivanting with our group at conventions, festivals, expos, and corporate events. 

Our Mission

Our overall goal with Acrobatica Infiniti Circus is to build a better artistic community, and a stronger industry, and to help these things grow collectively.

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Acrobatica Infiniti is, at its root, a nerd circus: for nerds, by nerds. In addition to being a performance showcase,  AI Circus is a community: we are a collective of professional circus performers who endeavor to share their talents with the world and work to advance the field for all who participate. 


Our amazing collective puts every bit of passion and dedication into their training as they do into their favorite books, shows, and comics. Their talents embody skills that defy belief.


It is important to us that our members feel like they are part of a greater whole. We want to emphasize the presence of an inclusive environment, focusing on creating a sense of shared community. We try to do this by sharing resources, and creating a network for artists

Admin Team

The creative team that works with the company has a diverse set of skills ranging from business management to creative arts

Tana Karo/"Tank"
Jason Wasikowski
Loni Diep
Sarah Blum
Jamie Lynn Woods
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