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Harley Quinn Aerial Silks

AI Circus can install a one-of-a-kind exhibition show or booth into conventions large and small. In 2015, we appeared at conventions such as C2E2, Gencon, Atomic Lollipop, and Valor Con. We can participate in conventions in two ways: we can do a show in a stage area, or we can set up a "circus booth". 


Circus Booth - Set-up can include a freestanding pole or full-sized aerial rig, depending on space, ceiling height, and budget. Booths can range from small (10x10) to MEGA (25x25) in size. Click here to see a SMALL booth example.

Provided a large enough space, we can do a "constant content" installation setup with consistent interactive visual entertainment, or we can run actual small shows at set intervals throughout the day. It's up to you how big you'd like to go!


Full Show - We can install into a stage area and perform any length of show. Alternatively, if the event can "cordon" off a space for us, we can set up our portable free-standing rig as it's own staging area.  Click here to see a LARGE set up.


Note: We are not a retail company, nor do we sell any regular merchandise. We are professional performers and our purpose is to provide entertainment at your event, not to sell merchandise. We can provide info, flyers, and offer limited quanitites of AI Circus T-Shirts, but it is never our sole purpose for attending a con, nor will it be a sufficient reason alone for our presence at any event..

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Flash dance group
Full Length Shows

AI Circus can perform a full length show in almost any setting, for any age group. In the last year we have had a residency at Uptown Underground, where we feature a different 60 minute cabaret-style show every third friday of the month. 


Click here to find out more about AI Circus: After Dark at Uptown Underground. 


If your event has a stage area, we can do small shows that range from 20 to 90 mins, depending on the venue size and needs of the program.


Conventions - The AI Circus main event is an offering that can take place during core hours of any convention, but also works extremely well as a cap to the day(s).  Once the main floor closes, our show can give them a great way to relax and end the day.


Special Events - We can offer a tailor-made show to your event, fitting the theme and size of your choosing! Show lengths range from 20 -90 mins.


Theater Venues - We can set up in any theater space and do a full scale show! We can fit into a range of options that depend on the size of the stage and audience capacity.

We can tailor our show to your exact needs. Any theme, any style.

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Acrobatica Infiniti Circus is more than just fiction-themed and superhero antics. We can cater to any theme. Including:  elegant, vintage, colorful, mardi gras, weddings, birthdays, traditional circus, and holidays. We specialize in providing "atmospheric" installation at special one-time events. 


What is atmospheric/ambient entertainment?

We can provide a certain "ambience" to your event by installing any number of artists into a space. We can be part of a main event or featured at an after-party. The artists can be either stationary characters, or roaming characters that "mingle" and interact with guests. A "photo-booth" option is available as well - the entertainers will take photos in front of a backdrop with the guests. 


Artists can offer skills on the ground such as: hula hoops, contortion, handstands, stilt walking, poi, juggling, fire eating, fire juggling, duo acrobatics, belly dance, foot juggling, pole, and silks twirling. Aerial ambience can be provided, with the use of a rigging point or our portable aerial rig. Skills featured are Trapeze, Silks, Sling, Lyra, and Straps. 


This unique kind of installation can suit smaller budgets, or events that wish to have the spectacle of circus professionals without interrupting the flow of the main event. 

This option is also a great way to highlight your event, draw crowds, and create buzz.

Special Events: Atmospheric & Ambient
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